“Supplying the absolute gamut of high quality colors”

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Hiren Enterprises a leading Paper dye manufactuing company in India.

We specialises in manufacturing of Basic Dye, Liquid Dye & Reactive Dye.

Hiren Enterprises situated in the heart of chemical industries Vapi, Gujarat was established in the year 1983 with only aim to be a leading manufacturer of Dyes and chemicals.Our strength is our clients worldwide and we have been taking care in keeping and mainitaining our quality as per our clients expectations through our specialised and strong technical research and development team.

Our journey began with a supply of Auramine O and Bismarck Brown which still continues to be our star product but with time we have marked ourselves as leading supplier of direct dyes liquid dyes manufacturer in India

We started from the scratch, right from research of meaning, importance and impact of every color to the standardized usage of the chemicals and dyes. With broad and minute knowledge of chemical processing and dye techniques/ practices we are not only able to supply outstanding quality products but also provide in depth reviews of dye house practice to optimize systems and reduce costs.

Our products find major application in Paper Industry, Textile industry, Leather Industry Inks,Paints and Plastic industries

  • Hiren Enterprises is a leading supplier to the global industrial colorant marketplace.

  • Today, we are a large and leading manufacturer of Paper Dyes,textile dyes, pigments, reactive dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, specialties and fast developing salts.

  • We gain business by selling quality products and by providing a better service than our competitors.